Artist Statment

I am addicted to delivering emotion rich images that will become a legacy for your family! I am also passionate about doing it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Please read more about my committment to sustainability here.

When I was in school studying art, I shot my girlfriend’s wedding. It was thrilling because not only was I able to attend an incredibly meaningful event in a beautiful setting, I was also able to relive it over and over again while working on the images at home--and then give my friend a gift that would allow her to do the same for the rest of her life! How satisfying!                   . . . I realized that not only would photography provide me a way of making an income, but it would offer me a way to do something extremely fun, thrilling, and meaningful!


Here are a few more reasons why I shoot weddings:

  • I am a sucker for love and romance!
  • I like parties--I am all about fun!
  • I enjoy being with families!
  • I love forming new friendships!