About Jesse

A native of Southern California, Jesse has been sharing her unique vision within the field of photography for 14 years. She studied art at UC Berkeley and UNCA Asheville and has lived and photographed throughout the US, Central and South America, and Europe.

Jesse is exhilarated by working with other artists, from all genres. Her deep love of people and the key moments in our lives drives her commercial work.  She is energized by the creative, intuitive, and ultimately spontaneous collaboration that ensues during a photo shoot. Jesse believes that knowing how to have a good time and connect with others personally goes hand-in-hand with capturing the best natural moments on film.  

Separate from photography, Jesse finds herself most compelled by Nature, activism, and poetry.  She regularly seeks out pristine places to connect with the raw, wild elements of Earth. Her special focus for social activism is empowering women and girls. It is her strong conviction that doing so, will ultimately heal the world!  Jesse avidly reads poetry and writes many of her own poems.  In fact, she has come to know photography as a visual poem.  All of these themes are undeniably interwoven in her environmental portraiture.

When not taking photographs, enjoying Nature, or reading poetry, Jesse can be found treasure hunting, studying herbalism, or creating delicious meals in her kitchen. But of all her pastimes, the one she holds most dear is savoring special moments at home or abroad with her husband and children.